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Our universally acclaimed Cachet range now has a new addition, the more durable Cachet Pro.

Available in either 0.75 or 1mm, Cachet Pro offers the perfect harmony of flexibility and hardness. This results in a material with the same handling characteristics as Cachet, a glass clear device for your customers and an even greater fracture resistance.

Cachet Pro is a homogeneous single-layered polyurethane sheet that consists of linear polymeric chains made of alternating flexible and rigid segments. It is a high-performance aligner and retainer material that provides excellent flexibility, strength, and durability, while also providing comfort for the wearer.

The unique make-up of this material makes it possible to have both mechanical and aesthetic properties such as cold-flexibility, wear & abrasion resistance, chemical & stain resistance and scratch & tear resistance.

The balance of rigidity and elasticity indicates that Cachet Pro is a virtually unbreakable aligner thermoforming foil and is nearly three times less likely to fracture than some standard aligner materials.


*Pre-order now for delivery in April, samples are available upon request.*



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