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Transactor V8.2

The UK’s Leading Dental Laboratory Software

Powerful. Intuitive. Efficient.

Advanced software giving you the tools to optimise the performance of your dental laboratory with streamlined, intelligent case management for both you and your clients. Future-proof your dental lab with Transactor Desktop.

Transactor is a computer software for dental laboratory administration, which runs on Windows computers and tablets and online via Transactor Cloud. Transactor keeps track of your customers, jobs, products, invoices, payments and technicians.

Transactor gives you all the tools you need to easily produce documents such as delivery notes, invoices, statements, financial reports, job and technician tracking reports. The integrated Main Form keeps your jobs, customers, patients and reports all easily available.

The Transactor Cloud online portal allows you to view the last 3 months of Transactor jobs in a web browser. For Transactor Cloud registered dentists, via the same portal, dentists and practices can send you jobs electronically, straight to your desktop. Both parties can add or adjust details, add file attachments and even correspond online.


Faster & More Intelligent

This cutting-edge software will help to organise your lab more efficiently, booking work in and out is faster due to advanced design features within the software. Transactor Desktop offers a highly intuitive user interface and automatic software updates, all allowing you to quickly trace any job, patient or payment.


Efficient Organisation

Transactor Desktop is computer software that puts all of your case administration in one place, giving you control to keep track of your customers, jobs, products, invoices, payments and technicians. Transactor gives you all the tools you need to easily produce documents such as delivery notes, invoices, statements, financial reports, and job and technician tracking reports.


Powerful Reporting

Transactor Desktop is computer software that puts all of your case administration in one place, giving you control to keep track of your customers, jobs, products, invoices, payments and technicians. Transactor gives you all the tools you need to easily produce documents such as delivery notes, invoices, statements, financial reports, and job and technician tracking reports.


How Transactor works

Jobs pass in and out of the lab at various stages of their job life cycle, in some cases booked in and booked out several times before ultimately being ‘Booked Out Completed’, at which point documents such as an invoice and patient statement may be automatically printed.

Jobs coming into the lab are ‘Booked-In’ to Transactor V8’s Main Form and stored as job records. These are uniquely identified by a job number and/or a multi-purpose reference. Job records can be retrieved (recalled onto the Main Form) by scanning a barcode, entering a job number, reference, patient name or from the customer’s history.


Configurable printing

Automatic or manual printing, and direct emailing is supported for job tickets, job labels, quotes, delivery notes to dentist, delivery notes to practice, credit notes and invoices. Reports include statements, summary invoices, price lists, jobs booked in (all or by due date), work by technician, sales by category, and many more.

This is combined with flexible printing options such that you can get barcoded documents or labels automatically printed when you perform given actions. For example, some labs will want a delivery note and a patient statement automatically printed when the job is completed but perhaps not when a job is booked out as an ongoing treatment.


Transactor Cloud integration

It is a daunting prospect for a lab and dentist trying to track lab jobs from start to finish, however Transactor Cloud does just this. Transactor Cloud provides a simple and well organised framework for both technicians and dentists, which ultimately delivers a seamless case pathway from the dental practice to your lab and back to your happy customer.

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Just some of our incredible benfits

Receive jobs electronically from dentists, straight into Transactor (via Transactor Cloud) View Transactor jobs online via a web browser, for Transactor Cloud registered dentists Quickly import and process CSV remittance files from MyDentist, BUPA, and many other sources (via the Commercial module)
GDPR compliancy features and Supports MDD/DAMAS Patient Statement changes for 2020 Manage your dentists, practices, technicians, products, prices, jobs, invoicing and payment receipts. Fast job handling, i.e. Book in, Book out ongoing, Book out completed, Hold, Edit, Delete & Copy.
Job details may be simple or detailed, i.e. include assigned technicians on job items. Output reports include:- quotes, delivery notes, patient statements, job tickets, mouthguard declarations, price lists, invoices, credit notes, summary invoices, statements, job status notifications, address labels, job labels, debtors letters and more. Reports may be printed, saved to file or emailed to customers.
Reports may be automatically printed and/or emailed while you are working with jobs (in accordance with your set up preferences). Personalise reports with your company logo, labelling and custom message text. Speedy retrieval of jobs by barcode, job number or by searches via related customer, patient or job state.
Add payments to customer accounts. Payments may be allocated to specific invoices or auto allocated to the earliest unpaid invoices. Control Centre – for easy set up and management of Transactor Lab Manager settings and options. Optional export to Sage, Kashflow, Clearbooks or Xero (via CSV files created by the Commercial module).
Export to My Dentist and other suppliers (via CSV files created by the Commercial module). Use your own customer ID numbers when creating a customer account, or auto-generate Transactor Cloud – Integration allows jobs to be placed by practices using their practice management app or via a web browser
Transactor jobs online – Enable cloud syncing to access your current and past 3 months of jobs online from anywhere via a web browser, for Transactor Cloud registered dentists. GDPR compliancy – Produce customer details and changes record, erase customer, configure how patient names appear internally and externally Multiple Job Notes can be added to each job. Notes are time stamped & user identifiable.
Bar code scanning – Job Ticket, Delivery Note, Patient statement and Invoice include a Bar Code next to the Job number. Jobs can be instantly brought up on Transactor by scanning the bar code. Notes and file attachments – Can be added to jobs at any time at lab or practice from anywhere. Price bands – ‘Allow custom prices’ – You can change the price of a product item without the price band changing. If a price band is defined as not allowing custom prices, this effectively makes the prices of that band fixed or read only.
Due Date Calendar – lab closed days – Can be assigned. A warning message pops up if you Book in a job with a closed due date specified. When adding a new job, turnaround days can be set to skip ‘closed days’. Export to CSV file – All selection lists in Transactor have the option to “Export this list to CSV file”. New SendTo types – (i) Printer (Windows default) this works without the need to ‘Assign to printer’, (ii) Printer (report size) – the page size automatically matches the report being printed, (iii) Attachment – job related reports are added as job attachments.
Expanded month-end emailing options – Addition of a customer statement email address ‘Customer details’ & ‘Sub Totals’ display – Areas on the main Transactor screen can now include coloured text and backgrounds. eg. The Account Balance shows in RED when money is owed. Emailing is faster more streamlined – Does not require a Emailer application running all the time.
Customised ‘Letter’ reports – From to Dentist(s) and Practices(s). Job snapshots – Are automatically saved to file. The snapshots are pdf files with a filename of the job number, date and time, containing the main job details. These files are written to a designated ‘snapshots’ folder. Job no’s prefix character – This is to differentiate Jobs added via the Transactor Cloud portal from those added at the lab. Prefixes are used for other job types also.
Job locations – Set where the job is currently located, such as in lab, en route to practice, ready for collection by lab. These locations are mirrored on the Transactor Cloud portal. Delivery Runs report – Add jobs to a delivery driver’s route and produce documents for the delivery driver to check and sign off as they go Attach files to customers – Attach files to a customer’s profile, such as Purchase Order agreements, special instructions, photos.
Simpler Reports editor with improved guidance Due Date – option when entering via keyboard, if day only is entered then this defaults to next month if the day is less than than the current day. Early Payment Discount (EPD) used in Statement Reports can now exclude non-discountable items.
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Required Specification

Specifications for Transactor V8

Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 8 or 10 (32 or 64-bit editions)
Hard drive space: Minimum 100MB (recommended >1GB)

For networked Transactor Pro2:
All machines with Transactor installed on need to be on the same network. To use at different physical locations you need a remote desktop connection i.e. Microsoft RDP or TeamViewer. Please ensure you have access to Windows® administrator accounts and that the network connection between the computers has already been setup with “file share” capabilities.


  • Got to say that so far I am really impressed by the functions and ease of use. And the customer service is really great too!


    London, UK

    I am really impressed by the functions and ease of use

  • Your program has been a great help running the lab and your support has always been fantastic, thanks a lot


    Bayview Dental Prosthetics, Dalgety Bay, Dunfermline

    Support has always been fantastic

  • I purchased Transactor 2 years ago, and have found it invaluable. It has freed up so much time, I used to do my accounts at the weekend because I could not afford the time during the week, and this led to accounts going out late and with mistakes sometimes. … This is like sky plus to me, once you’ve had it you would not give it back.


    Kingfisher Ceramics Ltd, Long Stratton, Norfolk

    Found it invaluable

  • Just wanted to let you know it’s going great working with Transactor

    Rowley Regis Laboratory, Bobbington, South Staffordshire

    Great working with Transactor

  • It’s such brilliant software, we’ve been using it for years and I can’t begin to tell you how much of a difference it’s made to our business.

    It made setting up our business so much easier to do.


    Axiom Dental Laboratory LTD, West Midlands

    It’s such brilliant software…

  • [Transactor Cloud]’s integration with V8 provides the dental industry with the first 360° digital ordering and communications platform.

    Chris Lyons

    Woodlands Dental Laboratory Ltd, Amersham

    360° digital ordering

  • It’s a fantastic system and I couldn’t cope without it tbh (especially dealing with corporate clients) as it saves me so much time.


    Chilli Dental Laboratory, Whitley Bay

    I couldn’t cope without it

  • The back-up is superb too; it’s such a delight to deal with you guys, especially compared with the system we used to have; they were terrible.

    We’re recommending Transactor to other labs all the time.


    European Dental Laboratory Ltd, Devon

    We’re delighted with Transactor…

  • I’m really pleased with the system, it does everything I wanted to do. I’m managing to work out how to use most functions just by common sense.


    W G Findlay Dental Lab Services, Fyfe

    I’m really pleased with the system…

  • I strongly recommend this product to anybody who is struggling on with a manual system to a large laboratory it is simple to use reliable robust and fast! Easy to understand even for a novice or computer shy person the help and support is second to none. Well done guys cannot really go on about it enough…….. thanks


    Alessandro Ferrero Ltd, Stalybridge, Cheshire

    Strongly recommend

  • We feel it is a user friendly and uncomplicated system that can search and pull up information with few key strokes. The booking in and booking out mechanism is very straight forward and efficient. The help and support we have received has been outstanding.


    Pure Dental Lab, Farnham, Surrey

    User friendly and uncomplicated system

  • It used to take hours to produce invoices for monthly jobs but now using Transactor it takes less than a few minutes.


    Pride Private Dental Laboratory

    Using Transactor it takes less than a few minutes…

  • I used to spend a couple of days every month doing the accounts, and it was a nightmare. Now it takes 40 minutes.

    I’m always telling colleagues in other labs how much time they’ll save by using your software.


    Brooks – Campbell Prosthetics

    Saves so much time…

Transactor Cloud

The Transactor Cloud portal integration allows you to view your Transactor Cloud registered dentist’s past 3 months of Transactor jobs via any device with a web browser, anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. (included free with Transactor V8.1 onwards)

It also allows Transactor Cloud approved dentists to submit jobs directly to your Transactor database. Your customer can track their lab jobs from start to finish.

Your lab and your customer can add information, file attachments, annotations, and even correspond with each other.

Commercial Module

Transactor V8 Trial

    Use it hassle free for 30 days with no payment details required.

    Your data will continue to be available if you decide to sign-up at the end of the trial, all you have to do is let us know you want to keep it.

    Please fill out the information below and we will contact you with the demo link.