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With our complete logo design service from:

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First impressions count and often, your logo will be your clients first point of contact. You could be offering the most exclusive and superior product or service on the market but poor branding can give potential customers the wrong perception of what you have to offer.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, your clients are more aware than ever before about strong branding, so if yours doesn’t match or exceed your competitors, you could risk being ignored.

We approach logos and branding as part of our full-service offering to clients like you that need everything designed in one studio – from your initial logo design through to its application to printed and digital materials.





    If you can’t DEFINE what a logo looks like and it has no STRIKING aesthetics then how will you remember it?




    Shape and form are the most important thins. COLOUR IS SECONDARY and some designers leave it to the end of the design process, because if the concept doesn’t work in black only, no amount of colour will rescue it.




    All designs should be infinitly SCALABLE. This is is vital for supporting literature and potential merchandise, such as stationery, mugs, badges etc. — all those little things that can easily be overlooked.




    The design must be RELEVANT for the business it identifies. This is accomplished through in-depth research into the industry and helps to differentiate you from similary named competitors.