INTER 5000

INTER 5000


For over 35 years, we have been making our own wax boilout and processing units. Constructed throughout in galvanised steel and with a tough plastic coating for ultimate durability. The top, tank and baskets are all made from heavy duty stainless steel. Up to 16 half flasks can be boiled out efficiently in a matter of minutes. Flasks are boiled out when water is sprayed over them by a rotating spinner, which is operated by the force of the water.
A manually operated hand spray is fitted as standard to both models.
A maximum of 24 flasks can be placed in the unit for processing; polymerisation is effected by the flasks being placed on a shelf above the water line. Processing occurs when water is sprayed on them, combined with the ambient temperature within the closed tank.
The efficient water filtration system means the water that is being sprayed is free from contaminants and is always clean. The insulated tank reduces temperature loss and because the water is recycled, the machine is very economical to run.

The Inter 5000 is programmable with a choice of 6 programs, giving the technician flexibility with both the temperature and processing time.


750 x 500 x 1000mm



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